Distributing Deep Blue Health Products

Deep Blue Health currently produces a range of more than 50 products available for distribution under the Deep Blue Health brand. The product range is continually expanding based on new market needs and trends and offers your business a key opportunity to market a premium New Zealand natural health supplement.

We currently have a number of opportunities to distrbute selected Deep Blue Health products or the entire range in certain regions and countries. We welcome you to contact us by
clicking here to register your interest in distributing Deep Blue Health products.

As a Deep Blue Health distributor, you are supported by a range of services including:
  1. Expert natural health products formulated to anticipate market demands
  2. Ongoing development of new natural health supplements to lead market trends
  3. Marketing support across all channels - print, in-store and online
  4. Product registration
  5. Documentation support.
  6. Regulatory support
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