Regulatory Information

One of the most complex tasks involved in distributing natural health supplements is adhering to regulatory standards. Standards and requirements are different for each country and change frequently. The nature of health supplements requires that governments pay close attention to the ingredients, production processes and claims made, to ensure consumers are protected.

All Deep Blue Health products are manufactured in line with international and country-specific regulations. Furthermore, we support distributors to ensure they are compliant with existing and new regulatory requirements.

Our regulatory support services include:

  1. Comprehensive documentation of Deep Blue Health manufacturing and compliance processes for audit and regulatory requirements
  2. Support during the product registration process
  3. Advice on claims that can be made, ensuring adherence to existing marketing regulations
  4. Advice and information about changing international and country-specific changes to regulations
  5. Advice on dealing with regulatory bodies.
Deep Blue Health works with the appropriate agencies to ensure regulatory requirements are met and to stay informed of changes to rules, ensuring distributors enjoy a positive partnership experience.