Quality Assurance

Deep Blue Health products are a premium combination of quality raw ingredients and leading natural health science. Ensuring only quality products leave the production plant is essential to our brand and a key element in the success of our distributors.

We are rigorous in our quality control and adhere to all current regulations and standards, as evidenced by our accreditations and certifications listed below. Our products; the Deep Blue Health range, and custom-manufactured products, are also supported by a rigorous Quality Assurance Programme - for more information, please click here.

Our Production Partner - GMP Pharmaceuticals
Our dedication to producing premium natural health products is central to our choice to partner with GMP - acclaimed multi-national pharmaceutical producer. GMP has specialized in the production of a wide range of natural health products since 1994.

Certified and licensed by the New Zealand Government as well as world bodies, GMP adheres to the strictest quality control processes and regulations set by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries (MAF); Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA); and the New Zealand Food and Safety Authority (NZSFA).