Label Design

Labelling is a criticial element in ensuring success in the natural health supplement industry. At Deep Blue Health, we can help you with the visual design, product descriptions and more.

Designing labels for dietary supplements is a complex exercise. What would appear straight forward is often fraught with complexities. Deep Blue Health works with clients to deliver labels that are visually engaging and compliant with specific country requirements. Our services include:
  1. Creative design – including layout, image and colour selection to deliver a visually engaging label
  2. Label wording – product descriptions, key benefits and marketing taglines, including translation and dual language elements 
  3. Ingredients lists – quantities of active ingredients
  4. Daily usage information – recommended dosage
  5. Safety precautions – caution statements and liability issues
  6. Quality endorsement - Made in New Zealand and GMP quality stamps
  7. Compliance - adherance to labelling guidelines for specific countries.
Visually engaging and compliant product labelling plays a significant role in the success of product ranges. Deep Blue Health supports all clients through this complex process with optimum effect.