Deep Blue Health in New Zealand

Welcome to Deep Blue Health New Zealand. This is a list of our entire product range.

DBHHGO Garlic Oxoagel

Blood circulation, infection protection and cholesterol support. Deep Blue Health Garlic Oxoagel is read more

DBHMOM Omega 3

Heart health, cholesterol support and arthritic care. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for human he read more

DBHDMC450G Milk Colostrum Powder 450g green

Immune health, bone growth and brain function. Made from the milk of pasture-raised dairy cows in th read more

DBHADB90 Deer Blood x 90

Energy, strength and circulation. Deep Blue Health Deer Blood is a potent source of iron and protein read more


Liv Well+ is a comprehensive liver support formula containing herbal extracts and antioxidant minera... read more

DBHHWG Wheat Grass

Energy and well-being. Deep Blue Health Wheat Grass is rich in Vitamins A, B-complex, C and E, essen read more

DBHDGM90 Goat Milk x 90

Low-fat, low-allergenic dairy replacement. Deep Blue Health Goat Milk is a rich source of calcium an read more


A high quality, cutting edge product, formulated using cold opened, live green shell mussel extract... read more

DBHVMV Multi-Vitamin

Deep Blue Health Multi-Vitamin is a concentrated formula of essential natural vitamins and oils, mi read more

DBHMSL Shark Liver Oil

Immune support and skin health. Rich in Alkylglycerols (AKG) and Squalene, Deep Blue Health Shark Li... read more

DBHMAB Abalone

Organ function, general health. Sourced from the cool South Island waters of New Zealand and process... read more

DBHHCIROS30 - ciRos 30caps

ciRos is a revolutionary skincare product in capsule form that works from the inside out to protect... read more

DBHMCH Chitosan

Weight management. Deep Blue Health Chitosan is sourced from farmed crustaceans. Chitosan can comple read more

Organic Maca

Deep Blue Health Organic Maca is collected from extremely high elevations in Peru. read more

DBHHSI Super Immuno Hero

Specially formulated for the immune system of children. It combines powerful herbs and plant extract read more

DBHMJC Joint Care Ultra

Anti-inflammatory; joint health; and arthritic care. A potent combination of Glucosamine Sulphate, C read more

DBHMGL Green Lipped Mussel

Anti-inflammatory, joint health and arthritic care. Unique to New Zealand, Deep Blue Health Green Li... read more

DBHMZC Zinc Complex

Deep Blue Health Zinc Complex contains natural oysters which are sourced from the nutrient rich wate... read more

DBHDMC175 Milk Colostrum Powder 175g

Immune health, bone health and normal brain function. Made from the milk of pasture-raised dairy cow read more

DBHVLE Lecithin

Cholesterol support, anti-oxidant, brain function. Lecithin is a natural element in every cell of th... read more

DBHBBV90 Bee Venom x 90

Joint health, anti-inflammatory, improved mobility. Sourced from hives in the green fields of the Ca... read more

DBHMSC Shark Cartilage

Joint health, arthritic care and mobility. Deep Blue Health Shark Cartilage is rich in Mucopolysacch read more

DBHASP30 Sheep Placenta x 30

DBHASP30 Sheep Placenta x 30 caps Anti-ageing, skin health and vitality. One of nature's gifts, Dee read more

DBHADV30 Deer Velvet x 30

DBHADV30 Deer Velvet x 30 caps Anti-inflammatory, joint health and athletic performance. Deep Blue... read more

DBHDGM450 Goat Milk with Lactoferrin

Low-fat, low-allergenic dairy replacement. Deep Blue Health Goat Milk Powder with Lactoferrin is a g... read more

DBHMOMJ Fish Oil - Omega 3 Junior

Brain development, immune health and eye health. Deep Blue Health Omega 3 chewables are a safe, nutr... read more

DBHMSE90 Sea Cucumber x 90

Sea Cucumber are found on the sandy floor of the seas throughout the world. Considered a delicacy in... read more

DBHVMC Magnesium & Cramp Bark

Muscle cramps, pre-menstrual tension, PMT, PMS, restless legs, muscle recovery. Deep Blue Health Mag... read more

DBHBRJ90 Royal Jelly x 90

Strength, stamina and energy. Deep Blue Health Royal Jelly is a complex mix of vitamins, amino acids read more


Nerve function, energy, vitality. Sourced from the cool South Island waters of New Zealand and proce... read more

DBHBRA Rata Honey

Produced from the West coast of New Zealand's South Island, Deep Blue Health Rata honey is a light c... read more

DBHDMC450R Milk Colostrum Powder 450g Red

Immune health, bone growth and brain function. Made from the milk of pasture-raised dairy cows in th read more

Hemp Seed Oil

Deep Blue Health Hemp Seed Oil is harvested from extra virgin, cold-pressed oil extracted locally fr read more

DBHADE30 Deer Velvet Executive x 30

DBHADE30 Deer Velvet Executive x 30 caps Antioxidant; stress relief and athletic performance. Deep... read more

Zinc Complex

New Zealand waters are home to plump, tasty oysters valued for their nutritional content. Deep Blue... read more


Chewable teddy-bear shaped immune support for healthy children.Vanilla flavoured and produced from t read more

DBHMMC Marine Collagen

Anti-aging and skin health. From the waters of New Zealand, Deep Blue Health Marine Collagen is a ri read more

DBHBPR Propolis

Immune health, infection protection and winter resistance. Deep Blue Health Propolis is a premium Ne... read more

DBHHST Slim & Trim

Weight management. Deep Blue Health Slim & Trim is especially formulated to support effective weight read more

DBHHACNE10 - Manuka Me Mist Spray

Manuka is a tree native to New Zealand. The active ingredients in Manuka Me are manuka oil, a highl... read more

DBHHRG Red Grape Seed

Eye health, anti-oxidant, free-radical protection. Deep Blue Health Red Grape Seed is a potent anti- read more

DBHVCA Calcium

Deep Blue Health Calcium supplement is an advanced formula containing 360mg of Calcium along with Vi read more

DBHHDT Detox 5-in-1

Detox and bowel health. Deep Blue Health Detox 5-in-1 is an effective formula to detox the body and read more


A high potency formulation designed to help maintain a healthy body weight and energy levels. read more

DBHMKR Krill Oil

Our Secret Deep Blue Health Krill Oil, sustainably harvested under the supervision of a marine regu... read more

DBHHSP Spirulina

Detox, immune health and energy. Spirulina is one of Nature's superfoods. A blue-green algae it is r... read more

DV Exec

Deep Blue Health Deer Velvet Executive is formulated for busy working professionals. Produced from t read more

DBHMKUKU - KUKU High Strength 49500mg120caps

Combination Pack 120 capsules - Oil 37,000mg | Powder 12,500mg KUKU is a proprietary daily supple... read more

DBHHGB Ginkgo Biloba

Rich anti-oxidants for memory support and blood circulation. Deep Blue Health Ginkgo Biloba is a hig read more


Deep Blue Health Multi-vitamin is a concentrated formula of essential natural vitamins and minerals read more


Deep Blue Health ZOS+ contains natural Oysters which are sourced from the nutrient rich waters of Ne... read more

DBHMPP120 Pure Pets Canine Green Lipped Mussel

Unique to New Zealand, Green Lipped Mussel is rich in glycosaminoglycans, omega 3 fatty acids and ma... read more

DBHHOLA Olive Leaf 24000

Deep Blue Health Olive Leaf 24000 provides high strength Oleuropein and phenolic compounds. The leaf... read more

DBHMGS Glucosamine Sulphate

Joint support and arthritic care. Deep Blue Helath Glucosamine Sulphate is a highly effective supple... read more

DBHDMCT90 Milk Colostrum x 90

Deep Blue Health Milk Colostrum is sourced from pasture-raised cows from the green fields of New Zea read more

DBHDMCC 100% Colostrum

Immune health, bone growth and brain function. Made from the milk of pasture-raised dairy cows in th read more

DBHHFL Flaxseed Oil

Cholesterol health; anti-inflammatory and skin health. Deep Blue Health Flaxseed Oil is rich in esse... read more

DBHBKA Kamahi Honey

Kamahi is a common native tree with stunning white bottle-brush flowers grown on the rugged west coa... read more

DBHBBP90 Bee Pollen x 90

Immune health, anti-oxidant and energy. Bee Pollen is a superfood for optimum health. Sourced from h read more

DBHHBC Bodyburn Catalyzer

Effective weight management helps us maintain a positive self-image and can assist us in achieving a... read more

DBHBMA Manuka Active 10+ Honey

This Unique Manuka Factor (UMF®) Honey is Trusted, Endorsed and Guaranteed to exceed Registered UMF®... read more

DBHVCQP CoQ10 Plus 150mg

Co-enzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that is naturally found in every cell of the human body and read more

DBHHBL Bilberry

Eye-health, anti-oxidant. Deep Blue Health Bilberry is a quality supplement rich in Anthocyanosides read more

DBHBCL Clover Honey

Deep Blue Health Clover Honey comes from the gentle rolling pastures of the Otago region and the Can... read more

DBHHPC Prostate Care

Prostate health; anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Deep Blue Health Prostate Care is a combination... read more

DBHHSW Sleep Well

Insomnia, stress management, anxiety, tension, sleeplessness. Deep Blue Health Sleep Well is a uniqu read more

DBHHEP Evening Primrose Oil

Women's health and skin vitality. Deep Blue Health Evening Primrose Oil is rich in Gamma-Linolenic A... read more

DBHHUI Ultra Immune Protect

A high potency formula, designed specifically for the immune system. Combining traditional herbs tha read more

DBHMSS Shark Squalene

Detox and skin health. Sourced from the clear waters of New Zealand, Deep Blue Health Shark Squalene read more

DBHBMLLM Manuka Honey Lozenges - Lemon & Menthol

Manuka Honey Lozenges - Lemon & Menthol (6 pack). Nature's sweet treat from New Zealand. Manuka... read more

DETOX 5-in-1

Detox 5-in-1 may help to detox the body. read more

DBHBBC Blackcurrent Honey

Deep Blue Health Blackcurrent Honey uses the nectar from Blackcurrant plants that thrive in the Sout... read more

DBHBMLLG Manuka Honey Lozenges - Lemon & Ginger

Manuka Honey Lozenges - Lemon & Ginger (6 pack). Nature's sweet treat from New Zealand. Manuka Hon... read more

DBHBMLP Manuka Honey Lozenge - Propolis

Manuka Honey Lozenges - Propolis (6 pack). Nature's sweet treat from New Zealand. Manuka Honey i... read more