DBHHACNE10 - Manuka Me Mist Spray


Manuka is a tree native to New Zealand. The active ingredients in Manuka Me are manuka oil, a highly concentrated manuka extract blended with the distillation liquid so all parts of the plant are captured for use. Analytical laboratory testing confirms that the manuka oil has antibacterial activity against all bacterial species associated with acne vulgaris and with underarm and foot odour.
The active ingredients in Manuka Me are sourced from manuka trees with the highest concentrations of active antimicrobial substances (triketones) that are found only in specific areas of the East Cape region of New Zealand.

Suitable for:
• Supporting clear skin • Acne and ‘spot’ conditions in people of any age • General antiseptic spray for superficial cuts and scratches, safe for the whole family • Reduces body odour - inhibits common bacteria species found in the armpit area • Reducing foot odour – inhibits common bacteria species associated with foot odour • Fungal infections – athletes foot, tinea, ringworm.


Each bottle contains: Manuka Oil, Manuka Oil Concentrate, Manuka Hydrosol. No artificial or chemical ingredients.


Apply directly to the skin as often as needed. For acne - wash your face with warm water, and pat dry. Hold the bottle at arm’s length, close your eyes and spray the mist over the desired areas and allow to dry. Usually 2-3 pumps will be sufficient.

Quality Guarantee

NZ Laboratory Quality Tested. This product is made under internationally recognized HACCP Principles and Good Manufacturing Practices. Food Hygiene Grade A Certificate.


10ml bottle with spray cap

DBHHACNE10 - Manuka Me Mist Spray


DBHHACNE10 - Manuka Me Mist Spray