DBHHBC Bodyburn Catalyzer


Effective weight management helps us maintain a positive self-image and can assist us in achieving a longer-life span. Deep Blue Health Bodyburn Catalyzer has been synergistically formulated for effective weight management. It combines key nutrients L-Carnitine, Chitosan, Hydroxycitric acid and Guarana.


Each capsule contains L-Carnitine 200mg; Chitosan 100mg; Hydroxycitric acid 125mg; Conjugated Linoleic Acid 48mg; Guarana 40mg and other encapsulating materials.


Take one or two tablets daily as a dietary food supplement or as professionally advised.

Weight management programmes should also include a sensible diet and exercise plan. Not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.
Contains a product derived from shellfish.

Quality Guarantee

NZ laboratory quality tested. This product is made under internationally recognised HACCP Principles and Good Manufacturing Practices.


750mg x 30, 60 or 90 capsules

DBHHBC Bodyburn Catalyzer


DBHHBC Bodyburn Catalyzer